Nashville New Homes: Tough times.

Many of you know our black lab, Bill.  For those that don’t, here is a picture of him in action:

Last week, the vet diagnosed Bill with terminal cancer.   Yesterday evening at the lake, reality set in.  Our Sunday evenings are almost always spent at the lake with a group of dear friends.  Many people think all of us are weird, but being at the lake has a calming effect – even in the most difficult of times.

And Bill loves being there too!  He knows his way around at the marina.  After a “business trip” to land, accompanied by our dear friend and animal lover Teresa, Bill trotted back to the boat and made his usual hop on the deck…but this time he missed – and fell between the boat and the dock into the icy water of Old Hickory Lake.  Thank goodness Teresa heard the splash, because the rest of us were inside doing what “boat people” do…eating.

We all run outside in panic and there is Bill, calmly swimming around behind the boat, almost like he really wanted to be there.  When we fished him out, he was calm, did the usual dog shake and proceeded to be wrapped up in towels inside.  It was almost like that swim was on his “bucket list.”  Since this incident, his appetite is better, and he doesn’t seem to be in pain.  He is watching TV right now as I am typing.  We do know that his condition has moved from “if” to “when” and I pray God gives us the ability to know when “when” is, for Bill’s sake.  I also hope God has a leather couch.

Also this weekend, our boating family mourns the passing of Grady DeVan.  When you think of boating on the Cumberland River, Grady and his wife Ann are among the first people that come to mind.   Deepest condolences to Ann and we wish Grady the best up there on the great river.

There is a special family that could certainly use our thoughts and prayers right now – Kathey and Chuck Payne, and their family.   For as many years as I can remember, they have cared for BOTH sets of parents in their home, which they joking refer to as the “Evergreen Nursing Home.”

Tonight, Chuck continues his bedside vigil with his father, under hospice care.  While I was talking with Chuck this evening, I was re-living the experience of my final time with my father 5 years ago.   After humming every song in the hymnal while holding his hand, he peacefully passed – and although sad, was comforting at the same time.  I pray for Chuck to feel the same comfort.

Meanwhile, Kathey’s father was admitted to St. Thomas Saturday with heart-attack symptoms and will be there a few more days.   Kathey is right there by his side too.   There are angels here on earth and their names are Kathey and Chuck.

Earlier today, today’s blog topic was going to be a satirical look at needs and wants.  It is going to have to wait. 

For right now, all I want is for everything to be all right and that I really need to say a prayer.  I hope you will too.


Trey Lewis is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Tennessee with Ole South Realty, 615.896.0019  direct 615.593.6340.  Specializing in new home sales in the Greater Nashville area to include Nashville, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, and Spring Hill, Tennessee


5 comments on “Nashville New Homes: Tough times.

  1. Trey,

    Your personal story about your beloved Bill has touched my heart deeply. I know you pain and your sorrow. Pets are such loyal souls. Bill and I have four wonderful dogs all loyal to a fault.

    You made me laugh when you thought maybe your Bill was checking off one more thing on his “bucket list!” to have such humor at such a sad time is a gift from God. Way to go Trey.

    Both of my husband cocker spaniels have passed since we got married. Each of them let us know when it was time. It was so hard.

    Dogs truly leaves paw prints on our hearts!

    Prayers for your family and for Chuck and Kathy as well.

  2. Annette says:

    Oh….I am so sad…one thing about it Bill…he lived the kingly life with his loving parents!!! Trey & Beth…Bill could not have had better parents to love him & give him all that made his life perfect!!! I’m pretty sure his doggy friends told him, often, how lucky he is!!!!

    Chuck and Kathey…my prayers ,love, peace & comfort sent your way!!

    Love you all!!!
    Annette Spicer

  3. Teresa Burch says:

    Trey you and Beth know how much we love Bill…It’s not gonna be easy to say good-by, but I had a little talk to him the other night and told him about a beautiful white samoyed named Chablis. She was my angel that left me to soon. She will show him the ropes when he crosses over the Rainbow Bridge…
    She won’t swim with him but she will stand on the shore and watch.

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