Nashville New Homes: The Old & The New.

Remember the song “Ain’t it funny how time slips away?”  

I can remember our first color TV from Famous State Sales on Granny White Pike.   Riding a bike to Glendale Pool, Krystal Hamburgers for a dime, JP Brown and Warner Drug Stores both had lunch counters and great milkshakes.  If you didn’t bring enough money, they would send the bill to mom and dad.   Paddle boats were all over the lake at Centennial and Shelby Parks.  H.G. Hills refused to sell beer and most stores were closed on Sundays.

All of these memories, and more, flashed in my mind while I was checking out this great website:

Even if you are not from Nashville, you will enjoy finding out what the area was like before LP Field and Bridgestone Arena.

It is even neat to think that the brand new Ole South home you can buy today might be on the National Register of Historic Places in just 100 years!


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