Nashville New Homes: No Foolin! Get creative and have some fun.

 Well, It is April Fool’s Day.  The day to tell a construction Project Manager that the wrong brick was put on a home under construction.  Or the wrong cabinetry was just installed.  You can also push the envelope and inform them they are building the wrong house on a certain lot.   However, today is not the day to say “a loan fell through!”

Today could also be an interesting day for a Real Estate Agent.  This would be a hilarious joke to play but, unfortunately for this agent, it wasn’t April fools… and this really happened:

Years ago, my cousin was married to a news anchor in Lynchburg, Virginia.  On the morning of April 1st, he stated on the news that the telephone company would be blowing dust and debris out of local phone lines and for everyone to place their phones in plastic bags for the day…to keep the dust and dirt out of your home.   That evening, they went to my aunt’s house for dinner and saw each of her phones inside plastic bags.  We still laugh about that to this day.

April Fools jokes are nothing new.  Here is a serious-like documentary on British TV that aired on April 1, 1957:

Want to have some fun with food?  Check this out

How about some fun at the office?

More funny April Fool Pranks:

Got a roommate?

Afraid of spiders?

Those that want to insert technology into April Fools will not want to miss watching this:

I hope you enjoyed some of these clips.  I have got to run and show a house to a potential buyer that just called…. hopefully its not a prank!  In the meantime, please feel free to share some of yours!

Happy April Fools Day!


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