Nashville New Homes: Another Day on the Cumberland River – Part 2


Current and Crap

After an evening of great food, fellowship, and fun it was bedtime on the river.  We were securely tied, so there was no real concern for the current or the logs floating downstream.  After all, there was another boat docked in front of us!

At 4:00 am, Ingram’s David K. Wilson pushed a string of coal barges through downtown.  The thrust and wake from his propellors bounced us around like a floating cork. 

HINT TO METRO PARKS & RECREATION:  If the Riverfront docking was on the East Bank, we would not have felt a thing.  OK, I’ll stop bitching.  At least we do have a facility to tie up and plug into downtown.

Downtown Nashville in the morning is interesting to watch.  Early-risers walking their dogs, street sweepers, and several less-fortunate people snoozing on the riverbank.

Across the river at LP Field, home of The Tennessee Titans, a crowd was gathering for the GoodGuys Car Show.  Hundreds of hot rods and collectibles were on hand for this event.

After morning coffee, we headed downstream for the brunch at Commodore, which started at 11:00 am.  We would arrive right on time, even with all the barge traffic.

Remember Frosty Morn?  This was the former home of the Neuhoff Packing Company.  Mr. Robert Baltz worked at the Neuhoff facility and said as a kid he would one day own them.  In 1980 (=/-) Baltz Brothers Packing Company acquired Neuhoff and the Frosty Morn name.  The plant was shut down, but Mr. Baltz still occupied Mr. Neuhoff’s office.  A neat story about a neat man.

Futher down river, MetroCenter was spared during the flood of May 2010.  Many fingers were crossed that the levy would hold…and it did.

There are also numerous fuel storage facilities along the Cumberland. 

and pretty buildings for landmarks also…

Remember Mario Ferrari, the legendary restauranteur?  Back in March, I posted about his former 103′ yacht, Dolce Vita, returning to Nashville.  Here is the article:

The “Dolce Vita’s”  new name is the “Lost Pearl” and here she is tied up below downtown, across from MetroCenter.  If you would like to keep up with its progress, check out the boat’s website

Here is a cute waterfall that happens to be located at the Ford Glass Plant.  No, its not sewage.  We assume it is water being used to cool the glass ovens.

Here is the entrance to Rock Harbor Marina.  Many may remember the famous “Blue Moon” restaurant that was here.  The flood of May 2010 ended that, but plans are to open another restaurant in the near future.  We moored our boat at Rock Harbor for five years before moving to Old Hickory and had a blast there.  Drop in sometime and meet some really great people.

Uhoh….here comes 795 tractor trailer loads of coal, courtesy of Ingram Barge’s “HORNET,” one of the largest pushboats to tour the Cumberland.  I don’t know whether “Hornet” is a “he or she” so I will just say “it.”  Here it is pushing 15 barges upstream:

 I wonder who “Hornet” was named after?

There are many riverfront homes in this area that suffered tremendous damage from the May 2010 flood.

Commodore Yacht Club is located up in Overall Creek, on River Road.  You would never know it was back there from the river:

We have arrived… 10:55 am!  Like a bus schedule.

This year’s brunch was put on by Phil Carmen and his wife Linda, and went off without a hitch.  The food was beyond excellent too!

The best treat was seeing many old friends.  Shown here is the original “Uncle Bud” , Buddy Rogers and his lovely wife, Sydney. ( In addition to catfish fame, Buddy was also Marty Robbins’ drummer and has played with all the great names over the years.)

Surely someone under that tent needs to buy a new home!   Another highlight of the visit to Commodore Yacht Club is to see the “Lady J” which used to belong to Alan Jackson.  It is a 57′ Burger with twin diesel engines, and everything else known to man kind.  And it is pretty too!

This boat is so pristine and slick that spiders can’t even hold on!

Well, today is the day that the world was supposed to end, and we wanted to be closer to our home marina when it ended…so we headed back upstream at 1:00 pm.   Just at the time the world was supposed to end, this is what we saw ahead of us:

It got worse before it got better.  Thank goodness for radar, and an attentive crew.

The time the world was to end passed.  Everything cleared up just in time to enter Old Hickory Lock.

We weren’t alone in the lock.  We were joined by mountains of debris and logs. 

In no time, we were back at home at Blackjack Cove Marina.   Just minutes after securing everything, the thickest fog I have ever seen rolled in.  We had made it back just in time.  And we missed the end of the world too.

If you have a boat, and have not traveled the Cumberland River through Nashville, do it!  

Trey Lewis is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Tennessee with Ole South Realty, 615.896.0019  direct 615.593.6340.  Specializing in new homes in the Greater Nashville area to include Nashville, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Clarksville, and Spring Hill, Tennessee


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