Nashville New Homes: It’s brand new and everybody has it.

As I returned from church today, there was a neat message posted at the Harding Place exit ramp of Interstate 65.  It said:

“Brand New Day – Not Used.”

A vendor for “The Contributor” newspaper was standing close by.  He was not begging, nor harassing, nor intimidating.  He was just there with a smile.

  For those that do not know, “The Contributor” is a monthly publication of varying perspectives on homelessness and its many issues.

The vendors most likely are homeless, and they sell these newspapers all over town.  They pay 25 cents for each paper and sell it for $1.00, or whatever donation is given.  Whatever profit they make is theirs.  If you haven’t bought a copy of “The Contributor” lately, please do.  There is great information inside.  And the best part, you are looking directly at the face your purchase helps.

Each day, there are messages all around us.  We never know where the message will come from, or who will deliver it.  I am glad I saw this one today!  How are you going to use your new day?




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