Which direction is “Our True North?”

Today I received this from a great friend, Harry Brittan.  It is fitting for everyone, everywhere.  Enjoy, and thanks for sharing Harry! 

Our True North
We each have a unique personal significance, a significance which can make the difference as to whether or not we can find our true purpose in life.   Our first step in finding this purpose is the be able to answer these questions:
1.  What need do I sense (in my family, in my community, in the organization I work for)?
2.  Do I possess a true talent that, if disciplined and properly applied, can meet the need?
3.  Does the opportunity to meet the need tap into my passion?
4.  Does my conscience inspire me to take action and become involved?
If you can answer all four questions in the affirmative and make a habit of developing a plan of action and going to work on it, you will begin to find your true purpose, your True North, in life.  This will be a life of deep meaning, satisfaction and greatness. 
When we begin to identify the need, our conscience will inspire us to take action.  Our talent must match the need, or be developed in order to match it.  We must be disciplined in order to ensure our passion, our joy of doing that which we like, in order to achieve the goal.  All of these, the need, the talent, passion, and conscience, must all be aligned and balanced in order to be successful.
This is hard doctrine.  Finding our True North is difficult.  Staying on course is extremely hard.  I contend less than 1% ever find their True North.
Harry Brittan

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