There really is a God, and he really does listen.

I have been nervous about today for quite some time.   Tomorrow morning, we depart for Mobile, Alabama with approximately 50 close friends for the last sailing of the Carnival Elation from Mobile.   Over the next seven days, we’ll visit Cozumel, Belize, and my second favorite place in the whole world;  Roatan, Honduras.

The weather is looking a bit crummy, but that is not why I have been somewhat apprehensive about leaving… that is until just a little while ago.

The past year has been a tough one for many of our close friends.   Four of our very close friends were diagnosed for various types of cancer and underwent painful surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  In the past few months, three of the four have been declared cancer-free.  The fourth friend was to find out the outcome of his surgeries and treatment today, right before all of us leave on vacation.  

I received a text message late this afternoon from his wife and could not believe my eyes!  It turns out that what was Stage 4 just weeks ago does not show up on the scans at all now!  

What about the magic of modern medicine!  More importantly, what about the power of prayer?

We can now leave for the next seven days in a mood of celebration!  Even though the seas will probably be rough, it is going to be much smoother sailing now!   It is always great to be reassured that God really does listen… we just have to ask.

Good Night!




3 comments on “There really is a God, and he really does listen.

  1. Leneiva Head says:

    I love it!! God is amazing!

  2. derenda sircy says:

    Thanks for sharing, what an awesome story! God bless you on your trip, have a great time and be safe!

  3. Dave says:

    God absolutely does exist and he listens!

    Thank you for sharing such awesome news!

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