Election 2012: The Ground Hog – what does he think?

First off, please forgive me.  The main purpose of this blog is to give an informative, yet humorous look at life in Nashville, the new homes that are built around it, and just how fun and easy it is to purchase one.   But lately, I’ve drifted into other topics, with one being someplace I should know better going…politics!

Ground Hog Day has always made me laugh.  Its just another “Hallmark” moment to commercialize something, in this case a small town in Pennsylvania.  I’ve never been there and I’m sure Ol’ Phil brings lots of revenue to them each year.  Seriously folks, who really cares whether he sees his shadow or not?  Odds are 50/50 and we all know that Spring will evenutally arrive anyway!

Why can’t we use the ground hog for predicting things other than the weather?  After all, he’s only right 39% of the time.  Even though that is a slightly better percentage than the modern-day weather-people, it’s certainly not enough to bet the farm.  Why can’t we use the ground hog just once every four years?  If nothing else, just for fun!

If the ground hog sees his shadow, he goes back in his hole.  That means we will have four more years of President Barack Obama.

And if the ground hog doesn’t see his shadow, we will elect another President in November.

Then, for more fun, let’s take our own “Groundhog Day Presidential Poll” and compare it with the ground hog prediction in November.   There are already election polls conducted for every imaginable reason, so why not?  And just like the weather, we do know that some body will get elected, except we already know WHEN it will be.  We just don’t know WHO!

Thanks for participating!  You can rest assured that no one, including me, can tell who you voted for…I promise!

By the way, you can CLICK HERE for the history of Ground Hog Day.


3 comments on “Election 2012: The Ground Hog – what does he think?

  1. Bob Cummings says:

    I voted for Obama, just everyone will know! Thanks

  2. Trey Lewis says:

    Thanks for voting! With the above ground hog day shadow scenario, Obama will have four more years. Time will tell if he’s right!

  3. Anonymous says:


    Obama must Go!

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