Is the Gallon of Gas a Republican or Democrat?

The 2012 Election is going to be an interesting one for sure.

For one thing, the Republican Party is failing to put forth a candidate that can unite and energize that party.  It is almost as if their plan has always been to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Who knows, deep down they really may not want to win.  Who could really blame them?  It really is more fun to bitch than it is to actually do something.

The Democratic Party is faring no better.  Either they don’t want to win again, or they really don’t get it.  I’m not sure which.

Along comes the gallon of gas.  Crude prices are again falling, yet the price per gallon continues to rise.  What was spent for the tummy now goes to the tank.  I’ve heard people say that $5.00 per gallon gas is the best candidate the Republicans have.  After all, Americans always vote their pockets…..right?

MOST of the time, but this time could be different.

Higher gas prices have helped our flegling automobile industry.  Newer cars are more efficient and they are selling.  Idled factories are coming back to life.  I actually saw a Chevy Volt in real life this week and was impressed.  Not enough to buy one just yet though.

I am sure many rushed to the local dealer before filing their taxes, just to take advantage of the $7500 credit.  Others that might be upside down with their home mortgage also followed as well, not just for the tax credit, but with the hopes the car might catch on fire and burn their house down.

High gas prices have also helped many urban area real estate markets – the only place the “Live-Work-Play” concept has ever stood a chance.  Today’s higher gas prices are forcing people to live closer to where they work.  The “Live-Work-Play” concept just may work after all… as long as employers can stay in business.

Which brings me to the economy.  It seems the Democrats really don’t want to be in control either.  Whenever things start to improve, they rush to botch it up.    As the fear of higher interest rates spur home buying activity, they issue statements that the Fed rate will remain unchanged for years.  As home sales still continue to improve, they hurry to increase the cost of Mortgage Insurance.  As employment numbers rise, lets add more costs to employers.  Yeah, that’ll work.

If I had the ability to print money, I could have already solved our economic problems.  Why is it taking so long?

The reality is the economy would fix itself in time anyway.  The lions share of the new printed money went to the wrong people.  Thats nothing new.  Neither party has yet to corner the market on greed.

In the meantime, get ready for drama.  One side will attempt to convince us just how bad things are.  The other side will counter with how bad things could be.  They will collect all the money they can to further their cause.  And when Election 2012 is over, they will all go back to their dressing rooms, break bread, have some laughs and begin preparing for the next round.

In the meantime, there will be one clear winner either way….the gallon of gas.


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