Halloween Sunday.

Hopefully, everyone got through Halloween night without incident and now its time to move on to Halloween Sunday, accurately known as “All Saints Sunday.”

All Saints Sunday is always the first Sunday of November.   When I was growing up, I always referred to it as “Halloween Sunday.”   All Saints Day always falls on the first day of November, which was Thursday.  But who wants to go to church on Thursday?

Who really knows exactly how Halloween evolved to be the debacle that it is, but the evening before All Saints Day,  ”All Hallows Eve” was definitely its origin.  Who knows, or really cares, just how that evening became one where we are encouraged to scare the doo-doo out of people and dress up like fools.  It is what it is.  And it also can be fun.  You can’t beat fun, right?

Now back to the topic…   ”All Saints Day” is always falls on November 1st and this Sunday, churches all over the world will be celebrating “All Saints Sunday” to honor those that have lived and died in faith.

We are fortunate to have had all those departed souls that came before us.  They made a difference in our lives.  Without their presence here on planet earth, we would not be who we are today.   Whether a parent, a sibling, family member, friend, or acquaintance, or a total stranger, many people have played a part in shaping our lives.

So, let’s pause a few moments today.  Let’s remember everyone we miss, their presence and the difference they made while they were here.  

And don’t forget, we’re still here on planet earth, which gives us all time and the opportunity to influence the lives of others.  

Another way to do that is to VOTE next Tuesday!


P.S.  After you have paused and reflected, this is a perfect afternoon to search for a new home!  Start now at www.OleSouth.com or by calling me at 615.593.6340.



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