Merry Christmas! It’s never too late to get in the spirit!

It’s been really hard to get in the mood for Christmas this year.  Preventing the spread of good cheer have been many tragic events throughout the country, and the world.  Let’s not go there right now.  After all, It’s Christmas.

Whether it is time, talent, or treasure – giving and sharing is what Christmas is supposed to be all about.  We look around and see the ones sharing and giving the most are the ones that can least afford to do so.  Those are the truly blessed.

Enough negativity, I’ve got to get in the mood for Christmas – and quick!


The one thing I love about Christmas is music.  Every style and genre – even some of the Christmas Rap is cool.  But my favorite Christmas music are the classical pieces and traditional hymns of the season, especially when played on a massive pipe organ.

It is hard to believe that the largest operational pipe organ in the world is the Wanamaker Organ of Macy’s Department Store in Philadelphia, and it is played daily throughout the season.


CLICK HERE for the history of this amazing instrument, whose pipes occupy five full floors of the building!

Now listen to this.  You’ll have no choice but to be filled with the Christmas spirit!



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