A Thanksgiving Reflection – Looking for Solutions Within Problems

(Religion and politics are two things we are warned about openly discussing.  We may offend someone.  We may lose a friend.  I choose to think that we might actually move toward solving something, if given an open mind.)

It is now the time of year for Thanksgiving, a tradition started by the Pilgrims after their landing at Plymouth Rock in 1620.    I can only imagine what would have happened if the Pilgrims had waited until 2013 to arrive.


If only the Native Indians had known, right?  LOL

Many people say, with true statistics in hand, that illegal immigration is a huge problem in this country.  No one, Republican or Democrat, can deny that.  At present, there are an estimated twelve million illegal immigrants in the United States!


Just imagine, there are enough illegal immigrants in the United States to replace the current legal population of Tennessee AND Kentucky combined.


These illegal immigrants are already here.  They have already set up house.  They are already participating in our economy, albeit a shadow economy in many ways.  Lets do some math!


Assume the number of illegal immigrants is 12 million, and they average 4 per household.  That is 3 million individual homes that are established.  The average monthly rent paid in the United States is currently $821.

WOW.  That is 9.85 BILLION dollars in rent paid each month by illegals.  That equals over 118 BILLION over a year paid to US landlords.


And these illegal immigrants have to eat every day.  They buy groceries.  They buy cars.  They buy gasoline.  Multiply what you spend by 12 million.

They have no need for insurance, because they’re really not here!  Besides, our government has many safety net programs that they can use to their benefit.  Yes, the same government that is technically BROKE.


Could it possibly be that a solution lies within the problem?  What would happen if we actually created a pathway to citizenship for these illegal immigrants?  Here are a few ideas…..

Embrace their presence with a work permit, where their earnings are taxed just like everyone else – using a Single/0 dependent tax rate.  All of the taxes deducted from their wages go directly into the US Treasury.  They do not have to file any tax returns and they do not receive any tax refunds.  They are simply charged a “work tax” until their citizenship is obtained after a period of, for example, 5 years.  Go ahead and require them to be proficient in English at the end of the five year period.  They will prevail and learn it.  And in turn be smarter than most of us.

Lets do the math.  12 million immigrants (X) 8.00/hour =$ 96 million in wages per hour, or 3.84 BILLION per week, or almost $200 BILLION in wages per year.  Assuming 25% in “work tax” deductions, you have $50 billion annually going into the general treasury.  That is REAL MONEY that can go to solve REAL PROBLEMS.

real money

And once they are on their legal path to citizenship, they too can participate in Obamacare!  (laugh, dammit)

We live in the greatest country on earth.  You have to be stupid to not realize why people want to come here.


While some may migrate here with the sole purpose of destroying our way of life, the largest majority of illegal immigrants come here for opportunities.  The opportunities for a better way of life for themselves and their families.  An opportunity for a life without religious persecution.  They are already here.  More are on the way.

Do we continue to stick our head in the sand, or do we address the situation and in doing so, solve some of the many financial problems we face?


That, friends, is something to think about while we give thanks for what we have this Thursday.


I am truly thankful that the Pilgrims got here when they did!