Nashville New Homes: Fond, Floating Farewells

Today is a perfect day to take a blogging-break from all the many reasons to purchase a new home and talk about something else for just a bit.  

This is a bittersweet day.  Today, we bid farewell to our dear friends Charlotte and Bill Langford, who are beginning a 6,000 mile journey aboard their boat, Precious Time, a 39 foot Mainship Trawler.  Say hi, or bye rather, to Charlotte and Bill.

The next-best thing to living in a brand new Ole South home is living on a boat.  The greatest advantage is when your neighbors get on your nerves, you can easily move.  I hope that is not the case with Charlotte and Bill!    OK, back to the story…..

They are starting a voyage that is called “The Great Loop.”   From Nashville, they will follow the Cumberland River, go through the Barkley Canal, and proceed upstream on the Tennessee River, until reaching Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama.  There, they will join many other boaters for the annual Great Looper’s reunion, or whatever they call it.  Then,  they will join others and float down the Tombigbee Waterway to the Gulf Of Mexico, where their travels will  become totally at the mercy of the weather.  (That is when they will certainly miss my wife Beth, the weather-witch!)   Take a look at where this journey will take them.

There is one glitch that makes this journey difficult to schedule.  Charlotte still has not retired!  As Executive Director of Park Manor, she has truly made huge differences in the lives of others…  such a difference that they cannot replace her! 

She will continue to manage that operation online, with a long occasional commute (weekly,I bet) from wherever Precious Time is docked.  Park Manor is an independent living facility for seniors, much like a cruise ship on land!  If someone in your family wants to get the most out of their senior years, this is the place.  I know first-hand.  My mother lives there.

Last Friday night, a few of us “boat-people” gathered at the home of Angela and Bart Bagsby.  It was a great “send-off” evening.  This morning, we were able to join Charlotte, Bill and friends for breakfast at the marina.  Then we untied their lines, and pushed them away.

We are blessed to know Charlotte and Bill, and look forward to following their journey online, and maybe parts of it in person!   Until then, may God be with them until we meet again.   Bon Voyage!

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