Nashville New Homes: Never Too Cold in a New Home.

My primary goal for 2011 is to have more fun at everything I do.  Whether it is work, just relaxing, or play… if it isn’t fun, we’re simply not doing it right!  With this “have fun at everything” frame of mind, we have found ourselves spending a LOT of time at the boat on Old Hickory Lake since ringing in the New Year. 

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This week’s cold snap in Middle Tennessee brings back many memories.  Many years ago, a great friend, Bobby Harden, wrote a song that was one of Mark Chestnutt’s greatest hits, “Too Cold at Home.”  At the time, he was living in a log mansion in southeast Davidson County and used to joke about coming to his boat in the winter to get warm, away from the many drafts in that house.  I can relate because our older home has them too.

Although we still own an Ole South home in Spring Hill, we currently live in an older ranch home in Nashville.  You know the saying… “They don’t build them like they used to…”   My response…. “Thank God they don’t.”   In our old home, the best method to conserve energy is to leave and go somewhere else… like to the boat.  It wasn’t that way in any of the Ole South homes I have owned.

Its never too cold in a new home.  Not only are new homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but they address the latest trends too!  Check out this list of top trends…. and Ole South addresses each category too!  

And the message that “New Homes are Better” is spreading, which is great news for our nation’s home builders.  Check this out:

But don’t wait too long to explore the new home options that are out there.  Times are “a-changing” and interest rates will be too!  Please call me anytime I can be of assistance in any way.

In the meantime, STAY WARM!


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